Jeff Koons in Hydra

The DESTE Foundation Project Space Slaughterhouse, in Hydra, Greece, presents Jeff Koons: Apollo an exhibition on view in Hydra until the end of October. Apollo Wind Spinner, a 9.1 meter (30-foot) wide reflective wind spinner stands prominently above the Slaughterhouse. The vibrant piece greets people entering the port of Hydra on one side and, on the other, welcomes guests walking to the building housing the installation. The face of the wind spinner is that of Apollo.

Featuring sculptures juxtaposed with readymade objects selected by the artist, the display centres around the sculpture Apollo Kithara. The polychromed animatronic piece stands over 2.3 meters tall.

The walls within the Slaughterhouse have been transformed too, by using as the base the ancient frescoes from Boscoreale, near Pompeii. The exhibition includes several other new works including a pair of bronze Nike sneakers, Gazing Ball Tripod, and Plato’s Solid Forms Wind Spinners. There are other elements that are corresponding to this installation, ranging from burning candles to a Duchampian reference of a urinal.

Music, sage burning, and baked offerings merge contemporary times with the Ancient. With the sounds of the ancient kithara playing alongside contemporary songs, the two musical formats are at times disjointed and at other moments find sublime beauty.

Image: Jeff Koons, Apollo Wind Spinner, 2020-2022 © Jeff Koons