When in Turin: stay at the majestic Grand Hotel Sitea

Turin, located in Northern Italy, is a city of art, history, and taste. It has some of the most spectacular museums and galleries in the world – for example Fondazione Merz, Egyptian museum, Fondazione Sandretto – and a renowned art fair, Artissima. It also has excellent restaurants serving Piedmond’s finest gastronomy and wines.

Located in the heart of Risorgimento Turin, just off the very central via Roma and Piazza San Carlo, and a few minutes’ walk from Piazza Castello, the Grand Hotel Sitea is the epitome of Italian luxury.

Built in the early 1900s, Grand Hotel Sitea features the highest hospitality standards, wonderful architecture, and a one-Michelin star restaurant. The property allows guests to visit the city centre, whether to enjoy the rich cultural offer or simply go shopping. It also has a conference room with the most advanced technology equipment for business meetings. It is located just 10 minutes from the Railway Station Porta Nuova and from the Bus stop to the Airport. It also offers parking facilities making it the easiest journey. The location of Grand Hotel Sitea is perfect because it’s so central.

On 1925, Emiliano Lera, who owned one hotel in Montecatini, bought the building to convert it into a modern hotel. He used his wide experience in the best hotels of Italy and Europe to bring comfort, high services and modernity to the new property. To this day, Grand Hotel Sitea remains a family business and the descendants of Lera continue to make it a prime location in Turin. The philosophy of Grand Hotel Sitea is based on three key ideas: confidentiality, discretion and cordiality. Cherry on the cake of this impressive and gorgeous hotel is the lovely ground floor terrace which is open for breakfast. The wide range of breakfast options makes for a perfect start of the day. That room in itself is ornate with amazing red-stripe cushions, heavy burgundy curtains and fantastic classic paintings dotted all around.

Fabrizio Musso, General Manager of Grand Hotel Sitea talks to Art is Alive: “Our inspiration is to manage the hotel with the elegance and familiarity of its beginnings, but with a modern managerial organization. For many years we have been collaborating with the architects of Studio Uno in Turin.”

Space, classicism and a pleasant palette define the 120 rooms of the hotel, all of them elegantly furnished to recall the mood of the period when the hotel was built, in the early 20th century. Artworks on the walls have references to Pompei, the Roman World and classic Italian architecture. The rooms, which go from Standard & Comfort to Deluxe and Double Executive, are beautiful and boast modern materials, from large-screen TV, comfortable cupboards and nice sofas.

Fabrizio describes the “soul” of the hotel as “kind and warm, simple, but like all simple things, unique and fulfilling.”

Throughout its history, Grand Hotel Sitea hosted a lot of fashion shoots. It recently hosted a fashion photo shoot with model Georgina Rodriguez. “The Grand Hotel Sitea has always been one of the favorite hotels by artists and actors, the list is pretty long to make names.” Fabrizio continues.

“The best challenge is always the one that is yet to come, but if I glance back at the past, the period of covid, with all the uncertainties and problems that it has brought into the world of tourism, it has been a demanding challenge and in some ways still is.”

Hotels have to increasingly take measure to protect the planet. Green issues and sustainability become important part of hotel’s strategies. Grand Hotel Sitea is at the forefront. “We have standards on the change of linen and sheets that allow customers to help us reduce water consumption and the use of detergents. Recently we have also replaced the heating system to have better energy efficiency and impact on the environment, we have also changed all the old bulbs with led bulbs.”

What are the future plans for the hotel? “I’m proud to point out that we are the only hotel in Turin with a Michelin star Restaurant, the “Carignano”, so we want to continue to excel offering the best gastronomy in the restaurant and catering. We also have a wonderful small hotel in a late 1700 building, just in front of us, with 6 suites, the Royal Palace Luxury Suites, a newborn that needs all our attention.”

There’s plenty to enjoy at Grand Hotel Sitea, from its food, comfort, impeccable and discreet service, amazing art on the walls and absolute luxury.

What are your top suggestions for cultural sights in Turin and the area of the property and the recent art exhibitions you have visited? “Turin was the first capital of Italy, a Royal town, so we have really a lot of cultural sights to visit:

-Egyptian Museum, one of the most important in the world, just 5 minutes walking from the hotel.
-The Royal Palace of the Royal dynasty of the Savoy and the Royal Armory.
-The renewed National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento, just 5 minutes waling from the hotel.
-The National Museum of Cinema inside the Mole Antonelliana, the symbol of Turin.
-Museum of the Shroud.

Outside the city too:
-The Reggia of Venaria, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
-The Palazzina di caccia of Stupinigi (Royal Hunting lodge), one of the Residences of the Royal
-House of Savoy, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

But Torino also knows how to be contemporary, the last exhibition I have visited is “The World of Banksy, the immersive experience”: very impressive!”