When in Paris: stay at the delightful La Clef Tour Eiffel

When la Tour Eiffel was erected between 1887 to 1889 as the centerpiece of the 1889 World’s Fair, no one could have imagined that it would become the symbol of both Paris and France. Today, the impressive structure remains unparalleled, especially when lit by thousands of white spotlights every hour. Each year, the national monument drives numerous tourists coming to Paris for the first time and French people alike. It inspires artists, fashion designers and writers around the world.

Located at the 83 Avenue Kléber in the posh 16th arrondissement and a five-minute walk to the most stunning viewpoint over the Iron Lady is La Clef Tour Eiffel, one of the best hotels of the Crest Collection which comprises luxury residential properties in Paris and worldwide. “Each Residence in The Crest Collection (La Clef Louvre Paris, La Clef Tour Eiffel Paris, La Clef Champs-Elysées Paris and Château Belmont Tours) owes its unique spirit to it’s extraordinary heritage, as well as to the unusual history of its exceptional location. The Residences in the collection are a contemporary reinterpretation of French elegance. They offer a sophisticated, bespoke experience: the comfort and convenience of an apartment, combined with the first-class service provided by a luxury hotel.” said newly-appointed Guillaume Marchand, General Manager.

Between Trocadero and Avenue des Champs Elysées, the hotel’s location is strategic, as it allows for a very easy access to other important landmarks such as Palais de Chaillot, the Arc de Triomphe, and the iconic avenues that derive from Place de l’Étoile. Pallais Galliera renowned for its fashion exhibitions, Musée d’Art Moderne and Palais de Tokyo, showcasing the most experimental modern and contemporary artists, are very close by too.

Interestingly, La Clef Tour Eiffel Paris combines the modern aesthetics of the former K Palace hotel, designed in the 1990s by famed Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill, and the Haussmannian style of a 19th century apartment building. Think impressive, curved windows and perfect symmetry. Cherry on the cake, the gorgeous Suite Tour Eiffel offers an incomparable view of its namesake monument.

The most recent architectural intervention of La Clef Tour Eiffel joined two buildings to create a harmonious and continuous environment using beautiful columns, noble materials, and French mouldings. “The use of fine materials, such as Carrara marble, wood and metal cut-outs, adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the residence as a whole”, says Emmanuelle Simion, Interior Architect at ERTIM Architectes S.A. The common thread linking the two buildings was created by the UK designers Buckley Gray Yeoman (BGY), who retained the essence of the K Palace while in­tegrating the new Haussmannian building; each section has its own style which complements one another.”

Bofill and his studio designed famous buildings around the world including W Barcelona Hotel and La Fabrica, Spain. His signature architectural elements are everywhere at La Clef Tour Eiffel. The interiors of the hotel offer contemporary styles, rounded contours and natural light. Sycamore wood has been enhanced with darker wood (aged oak), which in turn has been paired with Carrara marble in the bathrooms to reflect the architect’s innovative style. In the Haussmannian part of the building, the decor remains Parisian-chic inspired with parquet floors, light oak, gorgeous mosaics and elaborate cornices.

“Our lobby corridor is the perfect catwalk! We did hosted artists who appreciate the delicate atmosphere and our indoor garden that stands only a few steps away from the Trocadero that leads straight to the Eiffel Tower.”

In the entrance of the hotel, in the small waiting area, a vibrant sculpture placed in front of a natural wall, stands proudly to welcome international guests. The larger and very pleasant waiting area, joining the two buildings, features vintage Louis Vuitton trunks, art books, auction catalogues and a selection of framed large-scale fine prints mirroring the large windows of the room displaying natural light. The lovely breakfast area is adjacent to this vast lobby and offers all options for a delicious start of the day, from delicious (Proust) madeleines to scrambled eggs and ham.  

112 spacious rooms and apartments, from 30 to 108 sqm, boast generous volumes, an absolute luxury in a city where spaces are heavily condensed. Inside the rooms, charming pillows, framed fashion replicas of advertisements (Lanvin and Chanel), comfy sofas and chairs, and other furniture feature fabrics by Pierre Frey. Bookcases (Walter Scott etc), stylish vases and neutral colours feel like personal touches.

Following its ethos, La Clef Tour Eiffel makes visitors feel at home in large bedrooms featuring modern and tasteful amenities, from Nespresso machines, large-screen TVs, fridge and cutlery. A personal favourite is L’Occitane toiletries which add a touch of Provence to the room.   

Relaxation and well-being in an elegant settings are at the centre of La Clef Tour Eiffel’s positioning.  A 300-sqm gym with a fitness room, weight room and men’s and women’s Turkish bath help people stay in shape. For business meetings, a large conference room, equipped with the latest tech materials is also available.

Residents have access to hotel services tailored to their individual needs, provided by the La Clef Tour Eiffel ambassadors, a reception team available 24 hours a day that fulfills guests’ requests and guarantees their total comfort throughout their stay. 

Tell us more about your biggest challenges as General Manager?

Running an upscale residence requires vast amounts of leadership, organization, and problem-solving skills to make our guest’s stay the most pleasant and comfortable possible, while making sure that the residence is efficient and profitable.

I am personally convinced that you must be driven by the passion to work in the hospitality industry to find the right balance and learn how to prioritize the deadlines.

My first goal will always remain to anticipate the guest’s needs and expectations in a fast moving market. Our Crest collection residences, part of Ascott Limited, offer an exceptional collection of patrimonial properties inside Paris where we constantly work on proposing various experiences to our guests in outstanding indoors carefully designed and continuously refurbished hand in hand with our top management.

What are the Green initiatives taken by the hotel to protect the planet? 

We inform guests about our green initiatives through display and literature in every apartment.
Our green initiatives are as follow :
– Reusable key cards
– Option to reuse towel
– Efficiency water saving features on taps and shower
– Earth Hour Day

Also, guests are encouraged to change towels on alternate days to reduce washing frequency, and also to remove key card when leaving the apartment to save energy. We already banned plastic bottle in each of our rooms and we now deliver glasses or bamboo cups.

More globally, I must mention our group has developed a set of tools to help us move forward as a green lodging company in the next years. The areas that Ascott Limited focus on are saving energy, reducing the use of paper and reducing waste.

What are the future plans for the hotel?

We already have the pleasure to announce 12 of our superior rooms are being currently completely refurbished and will be delivered within the end of May 2022. These new rooms offer a unique Parisian contemporary and refined decor, with a tribute to the Eiffel Tower in each apartment. There is also a renovation of more rooms in our pipe that is targeted in early 2023, with the ambition to keep on proposing to our guests an experience of living like in Parisian apartment in a new décor. We keep on working to offer a collection of exceptional services within our residences, and that is our DNA actually.  

What are your top suggestions for cultural sights in Paris and the area of the property and the recent art exhibitions you have visited?

There is so much you can do a few steps away from our residence ! The next-door experience is to leave wandering starting from the Trocadero forecourt that leads you to the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River both standing in front of the Trocadero.

Before getting ready to explore the Eiffel Tower I would recommend visiting the Musée d’Art Moderne, that is worldwide known for representing the wealth of the artistic creation in 20th and 21st century. Some iconic works of Picasso, Delaunay, De Chirico, Modigliani cannot be missed !

Even closer from the MAM, I would also strongly suggest to discover the “Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine” that is standing right at the front of the Trocadero forecourt. It is a major cultural sight but still not known by everyone, and we have this great chance to be 3 minutes walking distance from the museum that is currently hosting an exhibition I recently visited called “Macchu Picchu and the treasures of Peru”. The programme comprises a display of more than 190 objects, including some that have never been exhibited outside Peru until now. It is a fascinating immersive journey I encourage to make.

The “Bir Hakeim” bridge in the continuity of the Eiffel Tower is a must see and is one of the most iconic bridges in Paris.

Also, once you step right from the residence, you can reach by 15 walking distance the Arc de Triomphe, straight ahead from the Avenue Kleber where the residence stands.

With fantastic features, remarkable attention to details and ultimate luxury, the Hotel is one of the best in Paris.