Diptyque’s Eau Rose gets a refresh thanks to Florist Maurice Harris

Diptyque reinvents its iconic Eau Rose, this time, as eau de parfum, an intense, elegant, modern, and festive fragrance celebrating some of the most significant flowers. 

The beautiful Maison pushes the incarnation of its legendary Eau Rose and relaunches it as a more distinctive, exuberant and fantastic fragrance.

The story began with the Damascena and Centifolia roses, explored by diptyque perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, a leading expert in haute-parfumerie. The resulting olfactive tones of Eau Rose were light and acidulated, blended with the fresh green of rose leaves, a few thorns and emerging buds. Eau Rose as eau de parfum strongly complements its ‘sister’ Eau de toilette. 

Paralleling Pellegrin’s exploration, diptyque revisited the rose and its alluring fragrance with LA-based superstar florist and artist Maurice Harris, known for his innovative compositions for Bloom & Plume, a vibrant, bespoke floral design studio located in Echo Park, California.

“I admire those who illustrated what creativity through humble glamour looks like. My uncle Daune who sacrificed his life suppressing his identity but his creative genius is some of the blood that runs in my veins. Preston Bailey was the first black florist that I ever saw on a major stage and when you see a version of yourself represented it allows you to imagine yourself in that position. It inspires you. But honestly, my staff, my family, the people who support and love me inspire me every day to be my best self.” Maurice Harris responds, when asked about his heroes.

Thanks to Harris’ artistry, talent and expertise, diptyque’s Eau Rose eau de parfum is surprisingly more passionate than Eau de toilette. Although the two roses from the original composition remain intact, Damascena and Centifolia scents were extracted into refined essences to produce a more exciting bouquet, full of penetrating personality, here by also reflecting the flamboyance of Harris’ personality.

“I was trying to highlight and incorporate the fragrance of the original scents as well as inserting my point of view as an artist. I immediately saw oranges, pale peaches, dusty pinks, a dash of electric blue and lots of greens.” Harris comments.

Yet, this is only part of the story. Eau Rose eau de parfum beautifully and surprisingly uncovers hints of artichoke, a fruity touch of litchi and the gentleness of camomile, and Firad rose – an ethical rose.

“I try to make the world more beautiful through my lens as a marginalized person. If I am able to help others see the beauty in themselves or the beauty in others that they wouldn’t otherwise consider, then I call that a job well done.” Harris said.

Usually, the distillation water used for the Damascena rose is thrown away. With eau de parfum, it is subjected to a second extraction, capturing its fresh accents of litchi. A complex, innovative process making it a more “durable” rose, and bringing diptyque closer to environmental protection.

Graphic and opulent, this floral composition is a fantastical world in itself, coupling the rose with ingredients that bring out its hidden aspects: artichoke and its exquisite and unique palette; the refreshing roundness and sweetness of litchi; and graceful and airy chamomile flowers.

To spice up this bouquet of colours and decorative touches, Harris further adorned Eau Rose with confident bird-of-paradise flowers, ornamental delphiniums and slender Japanese buttercups – to name but a few.

The full collection includes fragrances, home scents, bath and body balms, and home décor products. The result is a modern and fantastic set of home décor and beauty scents, think beautiful and delicious candles, hand cream and hair mist, golden oval mirror and delicate refillable perfume: “I love the idea of taking something traditional or even old fashioned and finding a new narrative. I like helping people rediscover what might have otherwise been overlooked.”

Once lit, the four limited-edition candles reveal the rose’s unexpected notes, creating a lovely bouquet.

The decorative accesorries and Eau Rose itself make for a floral, fruity and seductive mix which expresses unprecedented temperament, a must-have collection for the beginning of 2022.