Metallica: The Black Album In Black and White

The Black Album by Metallica is one of the greatest music opuses ever created. It propulsed the band to global stardom.

Celebrating the making of this masterpiece and honouring the iconic rock band’s time in studio, creative process, and concerts around the world, the new luxury title “Metallica: The Black Album in Black and White” by Art Reel Press showcases photographer Ross Halfin’s close relationship with the band. A signed, deluxe, limited-edition version of this fantastic book is available for fans.

“We would always go to places and do pictures and we would stop wherever we felt somewhere had a vibe… You have to realise with Metallica it’s always about the vibe.” Ross Halfin said.

Halfin has been working with Metallica since 1984 documenting behind-the-scenes, backstage moments, band meetings, rehearsals and recording sessions. Throughout his forty-year career, he has photographed many other rock gods and goddesses including Jimmy Page, Guns’n’Roses, Ozzy, Amy Winehouse, Lemmy and AC/DC to name a few.

“By the time the Black Album was coming out, they were starting to explode into being a big band,” Halfin said. “And what the book sort of charts is how they went really from a regular band to a stadium act.” Halfin commented to CNN.

The book uncovers the burgeoning of a masterpiece through to the incredible global success which followed with stunning imagery. These deeply-personal photographs demonstrate the intimacy of the band, encapsulating their ability to be artists, friends and collaborators.

Metallica gave around 300 concerts in the years that followed the release of the album. “Metallica: The Black Album in Black and White” showcases unseen materials and great essays by band members themselves, intelligently reflecting on this particular, precious time.

The beautiful images, the paper quality and thickness of the cover, complement the words. They come full circle with the nature and themes of the album.

From February to July 2022, Metallica will embark on a worldwide tour and are showing no sign of stopping. This book honours their energy and talent.