Sergio Roger at Christie’s

Bringing modernity to their London Antiquities sale, Christie’s in London collaborated with Catalan-textile artist Sergio Roger. Running until 7th December, a selection of Greek sculptures dialogue with Roger’s delicate pieces which substitute stone and marble with precious linen.

Prestented in London on 8 December, the display and subsequent auction feature a selection of artefacts spanning the ancient cultures including Greece, the Roman Empire, and Near Eastern cultures from the 3rd millennium B.C. to the 6th century A.D.

“What interests me most about Greek and Roman art is it’s universality. It’s a common ground to talk about notions of beauty within Western perspectives. I think it’s very interesting to try to find a new way of revisiting art history.” – Roger said about his work.

Roger’s work hails from his constant search for inspiration through ancient artistic representations of beauty. The materials for his works are carefully sourced, reworking mainly antique linen, which bear the passing of time. Based in Barcelona, Roger’s work is included in several collections such as the Colección Norte de Arte Contemporáneo, and Fundación Caja Madrid.

Claudio Corsi, Christie’s Specialist, Antiquities: “I was immediately drawn to Sergio’s work for the familiarity. It takes such skill to achieve this incredible effect, and they made me reconsider why these shapes are so evocative. They approach a subject normally perceived as erudite — and possibly a little intimidating — in a fresh way, and prove that we’re still not finished interrogating our past and the canons that shape our notions of art and idealism.”