Robert Irwin in Berlin

The largest work by Light and Space master Robert Irwin presented in Europe will be featured in Berlin from December 2021.

Over his prolific, six-decade career, Irwin has become best known for site-conditioned artworks that use the effects of light to explore human perception and use of space. An early proponent of site- specific installations, he creates large-scale experiential works, using minimal means that challenge our perceptions and reimagine our environments. As the artist puts it, ‘My ambition is, in a sense, to make you see a little bit more tomorrow than you saw today.’

As Director of LAS, Bettina Kames, has said: ‘Our programme enables artists to realise their most ambitious artworks, so I’m thrilled that Light and Space (Kraftwerk Berlin) will be Robert Irwin’s largest project in Europe. Radical and forward-thinking, Irwin’s interdisciplinary practice – collaborating with everyone from James Turrell to NASA – chimes with LAS’s commitment to projects that intersect art, technology and science. We are also dedicated to making art accessible to all and Irwin’s experience-based approach – he pioneered the site-specific installations that are now so familiar – makes his work particularly approachable and transformative.’