Talk Art the Book by Russell Tovey and Robert Diament

Talk Art was launched as a podcast in 2018 by actor and avid collector Russell Tovey and gallerist / musician Robert Diament. The ambition behind the audio interviews and art criticism was to make contemporary art and photography more accessible. Russell and Robert said: “We love artists most of all because they create imaginative new worlds and new languages. They stand outside the mainstream society, looking in, keenly observing, analyzing, criticizing, and sometimes even celebrating humanity’s eccentricities, quirks and flaws.”

The programme grew to become an absolute hit, which is now available on all platforms. They managed to interview curators, artists, actors and singers who have an affinity for art including Sir Paul Smith, Wolfgang Tillmans, Rose Wylie, Sir Elton John and Stephen Fry among many other cultural figures who open about their lives, passions for collecting and art making. Russell and Robert’s approach to talking to these people is always passionate, never patronizing and rather truly genuine.

Talk Art, the book, is the logical continuation of the podcast and it covers a range of different media, tips to start collecting, where and how to see art as well as advice for budding artists.

Prefaced by art critic and Pulitzer Prize winner Jerry Saltz, the book makes art accessible, fun and engaging. Saltz remarked: “Prepare to enter a portal to the mysteries of art, canonical wisdom, an understanding of how pleasure is an important form of knowledge, and the serpents that live inside all art.”