Rachel Whiteread at Gagosian

Rachel Whiteread’s exhibition Internal Objects is presented at Gagosian, Grosvenor Hill, London, until 6th June 2021. In this exhibition, Whiteread continues to explore ideas around artefacts and spaces, through the repurposing of chairs, mattresses, resin, rubber and plaster to express material and corporeal presence. Empty space evokes reincarnation, secret histories and things of the past.

The artist, whose Tate Britain’s exhibition a few years ago was an important landmark in her career, was recently in conversation with art critic and Whitechapel Gallery’s director Iwona Blazwick. The video is fascinating and features performances by composer and pianist Max Richter and poet Mark Waldron. Waldron’s poem, “In a wayward place,” was inspired by Whiteread’s subtly emotive sculptures featured in the new show. Richter performs “Origins (Solo),” an original composition for solo piano from his 2021 album Voices 2, selected in response to Internal Objects.

In Internal Objects, Whiteread has, for the first time, eschewed casting in favor of building original objects out of found wood and metal, which she overpaints in white. Sensitive to even the most minor details and markers of use, Whiteread’s new sculptures represent a departure from her established working process while continuing her overall project in considering the intimate haptic qualities of the things and spaces that surround us.

Image: Untitled (pinboard), 2019, resin and steel in three parts, by Rachel Whiteread © Rachel Whiteread