$92M Botticelli sold by Sotheby’s

While Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, recently sold at Christie’s in 2017 for $450.3 million, another remarkable Renaissance painting by Sandro Botticelli sold for $92.2 million in NY last week.

The artwork, Young Man Holding a Roundel (circa 1444/5–1510), is one of only three portraits by Botticelli left in private hands. “This is not only an exceptional painting, it is also the epitome of beauty, and of a moment when so much of our Western civilization began,” Christopher Apostle, head of Sotheby’s Old Masters paintings department, said in a statement. “Today’s result is a fitting tribute, both to the painting itself and all that it represents.”

“Now we really do know the price of beauty,” added George Wachter, co-chairman of Old Master Paintings worldwide.

“It is in his portraits… that Botticelli most clearly opens a window onto the world of Renaissance Florence. Never more so than in Young Man Holding a Roundel, a painting that encapsulates the intellectual, courtly, and humanistic virtues that define the Italian Renaissance.” Apostle continued.