Antonia Showering’s paintings at White Cube

‘Parents become grandparents, brothers becoming fathers, people are born and people leave us, relationships start followed by innumerable tears shed on the balcony following their ending, witnessed by these mountains – frozen, seemingly immune to time.’ British painter Antonia Showering said about her personal life and the central themes of her new paintings, displayed on the online viewing room of White Cube until 3 September.

The paintings resonate with some of the formal characteristics of the late 19th-century works of Les Nabis and the Symbolists, but also in the tender portrayals of domestic life by artists including Paula Modersohn-Becker. Both painters also share a strong affinity with nature, inspired by the landscape of memory and their particular surroundings.

This stunning new body of work continues to examine ideas of love and family rapport. These recent paintings were mostly made in absolute isolation. Pentimento, the visible trace of earlier marks that have been painted over, becomes the organising principle for the paintings, with Showering often rotating the canvases to find harmony and balance in the colour arrangements.


Image: Rescue, Antonia Showering, 2020 and Sliding Doors, Antonia Showering, 2018.