Sadie Coles features Sarah Lucas

Sadie Coles HQ reopens with HONEY PIE, an exhibition of new installations by British artist Sarah Lucas on view at the Kingly Street gallery, in London until 8th August. It’s a clever choice to show one of the most acclaimed artists. Amongst her many exhibitions, Lucas represented the British Pavilion at the 56th Venice International Art Biennale, Venice in 2015.

The exhibition brings together a series of sculptures made from stuffed tights and found objects, alongside an equal number of works in bronze and concrete. This body of work continues and expands on Lucas’ trademark Bunny sculptures. First launched in 1997, Lucas’s Bunny sculptures explore the objectification of women, states of vulnerability and the thin line between life comedy and abjection. “They’ve got more of a ghostly quality, like something left over from another age. It’s a mixture of the hard and the soft, and the colourful and the austere.” Lucas said on the new works.

The chairs and shoes are manifold in materials and expressions, reflecting a range of connotations, from campery of an ironwork seat to an exaggerated idea of femininity (through very bright pink platform boots for example). Highlights include DORA LALALA which resembles a contortionist winding her legs into a bow. SUGAR consists of a bouquet of breasts on nimble pink legs. Lucas has elevated the works on a series of vibrant plinths and employing gold for some of the works themselves. This process reinforces the power and meaning of these installations which oscillate between ‘over-vitamined’ happiness and utter tragedy.  The real-life evocation of drunk London girls crying and vomiting every Saturday night in the nearby Picadilly Circus area or the ghost of Soho prostitution aren’t that far.