The Trouble with Women in Power by Flammarion

History has sadly shown that only a handful of women ruled countries and large organisations. Museums, for example, currently work on re-addressing women-representation in both their programmes and teams.

Questions of gender politics and power are central to a new book published by Flammarion and authored by Dominique Gaulme, a former journalist, who previously edited and conceived  Power and Style: A World History of Politics and Dress (Flammarion, 2013).

Focusing on rulers across centuries, The Trouble with Women in Power examines more than eighty women, from Joan of Arc to Cleopatra, who retained powerful positions and changed the world. Whether holding positions in dictatorial regimes, in military operations, or in art, these eminent women have marked history and often used representations (fashion attributes, symbols, or architecture) as important tools to establish their authority.  Their characters, forces and personalities, often thrilling tales of courage in the face of injustice, offer fascinating insights into what determination and destiny mean.