ArtNight presents Trailers

To mark Art Night’s original 2020 date and to celebrate the Festival’s fifth anniversary, Art Night will present ‘Trailers’ on Saturday 20th June, between 7pm and 12am BST, coinciding with this year’s Summer Solstice. 

‘Trailers’ is a series of short online works by the 10 artists in the postponed festival programme: Oona Doherty, Sonya Dyer, Adham Faramawy, Guerrilla Girls, Mark Leckey, Isabel Lewis, OOMK, Imran Perretta and Paul Purgas, Philomène Pirecki, and Alberta Whittle. 

‘Trailers’ offers a glimpse into the works the artists are developing for Art Night 2021, or what they’ve been up to during lockdown – a self-contained release of ideas, thoughts or feelings made for right now. Works include video, sound, text, performance and downloadable materials.

“These short commissions enable us to continue our work with the artists in our 2021 programme, making it possible for us to share a flavour of what they have been working towards for Art Night, or for some, what they’ve been thinking about over the past few weeks. 

We also realised that the restrictions of the suddenly ubiquitous ‘online project’ could provide a more meaningful opportunity – to open Art Night up to anyone with internet access, anywhere in the world whether (to use our curatorial team as an example) Athens, Barry or Shetland, something we’re looking to do more of in the future. I hope you will be able to join us” Art Night’s Artistic Director Helen Nisbet.