Alison Goldfrapp’s campaign

Alison Goldfrapp has launched It’s A Strange Day campaign, which will see all profits from the sale of merchandise she designed for Goldfrapp’s 2020 sell-out Felt Mountain: The 20th Year Tour donated to the World Health Organization’s Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Products for sale include a pack of postcards featuring Felt Mountain imagery by artists including Simon Periton, Anna Fox and Alison Goldfrapp in a hand stamped “no time to f**k” brown paper bag referencing the lyric from Felt Mountain track Paper Bag.

“We had all been enjoying rehearsals for the tour so much, and it was heart-breaking to have to stop. We’re lucky though, because each date was rescheduled for next year so we have that to look forward to and work towards. But for many we know plans and dreams have been lost without an obvious way back. So now is the time for us to join together, recognizing people in all walks of life are suffering. The World Health Organization has combined forces with UNICEF to help treat victims, support frontline workers, limit spread of the virus, and develop vaccines working all around the world. In our own way we hope to help a little bit with those key efforts”. Goldfrapp commented.

AG Bear_ credit Phillipe Levy