Harold Ancart: Pools

David Zwirner stages “Pools” an online exhibition of works by Belgian artist Harold Ancart who works out of his studio in Brooklyn, NY. The series started in 2017 and earlier works were exhibited at the Madhavendra Palace, Jaipur, India.

The colourful three-dimensional relief forms are constructed from Styrofoam remnants from Ancart’s studio, cast in concrete. “Who cares that you can’t swim in it; everyone knows that once you own a pool you never go in…” Harold Ancart said about swimming pools and their purposes.

Drawing inspiration from David Hockney’s pool paintings,  Josef Albers, whose Homage to the Square and Variant/Adobe engage visual stimulation within a restricted squared format,  and Jo Baer’s abstract paintings, the pieces are both painting and installation, and lucidly play with ideas of abstraction and figurations, positive energy and darkness.

“Their compositions are fairly simple,” Ancart says; “The ‘basin’ can have any size and take any shape, as can the ‘staircases.’ … The color can be anything too. Soon enough I realized that the realm of possibilities was infinite, so I decided to make more of these works.”


Images: Harold Ancart, Untitled, 2020, Oil stick on concrete. (c) Harold Ancart