Virtual tour of The Sistine Chapel

Nicknamed “il divino,” Renaissance genius Michelangelo  mixed ideas of beauty, spirit, and religion into pioneering masterpieces spanning the full spectrum of the arts including sculpture, painting and architecture.

His lifelong masterpiece, The Sistine Chapel, can now be virtually visited. It is accessible here and it’s an excellent remedy to the boredom of staying at home in isolation.

The largest hall of the Vatican Museums, and undoubtedly the most spectacular  room traditionally hosted the election of the new Pope by Cardinals since 15th century. On its walls, remarkable paintings by Botticelli, Rosselli and many more. The jewel on the crown, however, is its ceiling entirely covered with frescoes painted by Michelangelo, including the iconic Last Judgment. Make sure to spend enough time and check all the significant details of this impressive vibrant work.