Modernist photography at Richard Nagy Gallery

Breaking Away: Modernism in Photography is an exhibition presented by Michael Shapiro in the US and Richard Nagy in London until 27th March.

The exhibition showcases 50 rare modernist photographs captured between the 1920s and 1960s by some of the important photographers which started using the medium as a tool for experimentation. At the heart of the exhibition is a rare portrait of Lee Miller by Man Ray entitled Neck (1929), and a unique print of Gerald Warburg, Cellist (1929) by Imogen Cunningham.

Breaking Away provides a rare insight into social documentary. The process behind the vintage prints featured in the exhibition, which were created at the time of the negative’s exposure is central to the exhibition. The photographs reveal how the artists first conceived the printing of a particular image and carry the hallmarks of their early production.

Image: Harlequin Dress, New York, 1950, shot for Vogue by Irving Penn