Katy Moran at Modern Art

Modern Art on Vyner street features an exhibition of new paintings by Katy Moran until 19 February 2020.

Moran’s paintings work as pictorial melting of dynamic brushstrokes, deep colours and abstract constructions. The content of the works reminisces of natural landscapes and Dutch Golden Age paintings. Some works bear titles related to their inspiration such as Bust, while others are named with spare, intimate, and often playful musings which relate to the imagery that come to light in the work, such as cloud face (2019), or still life with nothing (2019).

Moran works her own brushstrokes to both leave elements of the original layers or to mask them entirely. As Moran produced this body of work over the course of the last year following a move to the countryside, the paintings too seem to move with the seasons. Abstract marks begin to take on pictorial elements of still-life arrangements, and the colour palette, dominated by earthy greys and piercing blues, registers the seasonal changes.