Björk will tour Cornucopia show to Europe and the UK

Icelandic icon Björk will perform her Cornucopia show in Europe and the UK in Autumn 2019. Presented in Brussels, London and Dublin among other cities, the stunning concert inaugurated New York City’s The Shed last year during an eight-night residency. The collaborative show was made with Argentine filmmaker Lucrecia Martel, Iceland’s Hamrahlid Choir, flute septet Viibra, harpist Katie Buckley, percussionist Manu Delago, electronic engineer Bergur Thorisson, and more.

“It is trying to be a dream one can watch from afar, so I guess the relationship between the audience is different. I wanted the whole thing to be extremely digital and extremely acoustic, very DIY. Like, ‘Let’s start again in a new world but also we’ll have solar-powered high-tech gear with us. A sci-fi camping trip’.” The singer recently said to Dazed and Confused.