Louis Fratino at Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

Come Softly to Me is figurative painter Louis Fratino’s new solo exhibition presented by Sikkema Jenkins & Co gallery on 22nd Street. It remains on view until 24 May 2019 so don’t miss it if you’re in NY.

Drawing from an art historical references including Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso, and Fernand Léger—Fratino’s raw paintings depict lovers and friends in often sexually-expressive ways. Paint is applied and blended in swathes of colour and texture, forming a seductive tactility mirrored in the painted subject matter.

Exploring psychological or metaphysical mindsets, Fratino’s vibrant paintings also feature cultural NY landmarks. In Fratino’s almost naive yet sharpened work, sexuality, intimacy, desire, and human connection are expressed as a constant presence for his subjects. This young artist will go far. Don’t miss this exhibition, the first by the artist at Sikkema Jenkins & Co.


Images: Louis Fratino, Me and Ray, 2018 and Star Nude, 2019 (c) Louis Fratino.