Look Mate collections celebrate creativity

The ambition behind Look Mate London has always been to work with aspiring creatives to bring socks to the highest quality. Relying on innovative processes, stunning creativity and original collaborations, the product and brand’s ethos remain impeccable.

Partnering with artists and museums, Look Mate socks are produced in the brand’s founder’s (the Vahan brothers) hometown in Armenia. Recent collaborations have included designs by the likes of David Harutyunyan, Kaye Blegvad, KiKi Ljung , SoHo+CO, and many more talents. The brand also collaborated with The Hayward Gallery for a fantastic collection.

Yoni Alter has worked with the brand. If his artworks seem familiar, that’s because they have graced Tate products for example. Alter works across a variety of different design fields, engaging in commercial and non-commercial graphic design, art-direction and illustration. London and its architecture keep providing Yoni inspiration.

Originality and excellent fibre resistance are some of the defining aspects of Look Mate socks


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