In the Studio at Ordovas

Ordovas in London presents In the Studio, a remarkable exhibition featuring a painting by Lucian Freud of his daughter, Rose, 1977-78, alongside unseen photographs of the artist taken during the portrait’s making. The small but elegant exhibition, which runs until 27th April, is a must-see.

Rose, an author, has largely described about sitting for her father in the exhibition catalogue: “How did I feel about sitting? Angry and exhilarated, outraged by the terms and conditions, honoured to have been chosen. Just to spend time with him was inspirational. I loved him.”

The atmosphere of Lucian Freud’s Holland Park studio in the late 1970s transpires in these photos. On public display for the first time, the photographs bring Freud’s studio to life and place the portrait of his daughter in the context of its creation.

Image: installation image, courtesy Ordovas.