Nicolas Deshayes at Modern Art

Modern Art presents one of the strongest shows of the season. The slick and impressive Vyner Street’s space features new works by French artist Nicolas Deshayes.

In his second exhibition with Modern Art – he was included in exhibitions staged at Tate, St. Ives, Cornwall (2015), Tate St Ives, Cornwall (2017), Drawing Room, London (2017); Inverleith House, Edinburgh (2016) and Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany (2015) among other shows before – the artist explores ideas of malleable textures, operating systems formally suggestive of the interior of a body, domestic cleaning systems and a sense of proportions.

The brilliance of this new body of works resides in drawing parallels between what appears as plumbing systems with elements reminiscent of bodily parts such as intestines. Deshayes is interested in twisting reality and questioning positive and negative spaces, through delicately colourful yet perplexing structures. A nod to Marcel Duchamp as well with his 1917 ‘Fountain’, Nicolas Deshayes’ works are elegant, polished and graphic.

The exhibition remains on view until 16th February.


1. deshn-00437-i01-300

3. deshn-00437-i06-300

4. deshn-00437-i12-300

7a. deshn-00429-300

10b. deshn-00417-300

11. deshn-00437-i05-300