Stella McCartney inspired by Yellow Submarine

Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 2019

For her Women’s Pre-Autumn 2019 and her Men’s Autumn 2019 collection, Stella McCartney took inspiration from the recently-digitized “Yellow Submarine” film. “The last time, I saw it through the eyes of a child,” she said of the 1969 iconic film. “This time, it blew my mind. I looked at it as a fashion designer and a creative person.” The innovative animated musical fantasy comedy film featured the music of the Beatles and was directed by animation producer George Dunning. It quickly became legendary.

The impact the film had on Stella, translated into hand-drawn prints, an increased sense of proportions including over-sized blazers, and literal motifs featured in the film.

Most interestingly, Stella also used Yellow Submarine to convey a political message. Sweaters are embroidered with All Together Now in foreign languages: “I think it’s so relevant to now, bringing the world together, the people together, breaking down barriers,” she added. “It’s a political conversation, too; we can bring that back to the forefront in a way.” Hallucinatory and romantic character “Lucy” from “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” literally appears as prints on dresses, jackets, skirts and other garments, alongside her new Stella-dot logo which gives an edgy and modern twist to the brilliant collection.