Christopher Le Brun at Lisson

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Running until 18th August, at Lisson, Christopher Le Brun’s first exhibition with the gallery, features impressive new large-scale works the artist describes as “primary, non-ironic” responses to the act of painting, rather than self-reflexive commentaries on the process itself or homages to previous artists. The compositions are radiant, harmonious, well-thought, full of energy and display vibrant lines and tones. 

A painter since the 1980s, Le Brun is also President of the Royal Academy of Arts in London, which celebrates its 250th anniversary this year since 2011.

The luminous Cy-Twomblyesque artworks on view in the show reference music and literature, including one piece entitled Concert (2017). Poetic references are often found in the titles of the paintings. For example, The King’s Highway (2017) takes a line from Geoffrey Hill’s poem, ‘The Jumping Boy’ (2006) – “He is at home on the king’s highway” – to describe Le Brun’s commitment to his profession as a painter above all else. This exhibition is one of the best this summer.