Robert Irwin at Pace

Bob Irwin 2


For over six decades, Robert Irwin has explored perception as the fundamental issue of art. Irwin, who began his career as a painter in the 1950s and became a pioneer of the Light and Space movement in the 1960s has come to regard the role of art as “conditional”—working within and responding to the specific surrounding world of experience. Currently on view at Pace NY, Irwin presents an exhibition featuring seven column sculptures comprised of coloured acrylic panels that defy the viewer’s certainty of the space being perceived.

Irwin states: “As artists, the one true inquiry of art as a pure subject is an inquiry of our potential to know the world around us and our actively being in it, with a particular emphasis on the aesthetic. This world is not just somehow given to us whole. We perceive, we shape… we discover and give value to our human potential to ‘see’ the infinite richness (beauty?) in everything, creating an extended aesthetic reality.”

SCULPTURE/CONFIGURATIONS runs until 17th August.


Bob Irwin


Installation view of Robert Irwin: New “SCULPTURE/CONFIGURATIONS”. 32 East 57th Street, New York, NY. May 11 – August 17, 2018.
Photographed by Tom Barratt, courtesy Pace Gallery. © Robert Irwin/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

Untitled, Ink on Mylar, 2018.