Ernesto Neto’s latest installation


in Zurich, is a spectacular work by the Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto. Installed in the city’s Central Station and supported by the Beyeler Foundation, the piece continues Netos’ long lasting interest in the protection of nature, meditation, sustainability and the stimulation of senses. GaiaMotherTree is entirely made by hand and recalls a the shape of a tree. Visitors can rest on seats arranged in a circle. Drop-shaped elements hanging from the metaphorical branches are filled with aromatic spices and seeds, the Brazilian artist’s signature.

Since 2013, Neto has been working in close collaboration with the Huni Kuin, an indigenous community living in the Amazon region near the Brazilian border with Peru to create his work. Inspired by this artistic and spiritual exchange, the piece invites the public to pause and reflect, but also to engage collectively with ideas linked with the relationship between humans and nature, the preservation and dissemination of knowledge from other cultures. The installation is on view until the end of July.