Heidi Bucher at Parasol Unit


Heidi Bucher will open at Parasol Unit in London on 19 September. this exhibition brings together a significant body of her enigmatic latex works made during the last two decades of her artistic life and includes screenings of films that document her at work.

Bodyshells, Venice Beach, 1972 stresses Bucher’s interest in the complex relationship between the body and its context and further explores the central themes of the exhibition including architecture, space and body.

Bucher’s process invariably preserved a haunting imprint of an architectural surface or an object which was simultaneously both a physical encapsulation of and a liberation from the memories these things held for her. To create her skinnings, Bucher first covered her chosen surface with gauze, pressed liquid latex into it, then when it was almost dry she peeled it off. Her complex working technique was often physically demanding and carried out with great vigour and conviction. Many dichotomies exist within Bucher’s oeuvre and despite her use of vulnerable and impermanent materials there is both clear and implied energy evident in their creation.