True Colours at the Newport Street Gallery



True Colours is an exhibition presented at the Newport Street Gallery, also known as Damien Hirst’s space, in London. The show features three emerging artists Helen Beard (b.1971, Birmingham), Sadie Laska (b.1974, West Virginia) and Boo Saville (b.1980, Norwich) in a “wall conversation” around their fundamental interest in colour. True Colours is presented until 9th September and provides the artists with a fantastic platform to display their best works.

Beard’s work examines themes of sexuality, love and gender through a vivid palette. Her striking paintings, often depicting raw sexual acts, oscillate between abstraction and figuration in a variation of visible brushstrokes and apparent movements on the canvas. True Colours spans eight years of Beard’s practice.

NY-based Sadie Laska creates fantastical acrylic compositions using paint and collage of mixed recycled objects. A member of the underground drum-based band I.U.D., Laska’s paintings are filled with improvised anger and imbued with her irreverent spirit as a music performer.

Known formerly for her figurative works in oil on canvas, as well as using everyday materials including biro and bleach, Saville has – since 2014 – been producing large-scale abstracts, made up of flawlessly gradual shades. The colour fields are inextricably linked to her black and white canvases, the subjects of the latter – sparingly painted to retain the appearance of the canvas weave – resulting from internet searches that occur to her whilst working on the abstracts.