GLUT features Christabel Macgreevy


Christabel McGreevy’s second exhibition at Glut curated by Antonia Marsh explores symbols of fertility through talismans and charms. Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, who starts life as a young nobleman in medieval England and ends it as a middle aged woman in the 1950s, the artist has never felt her life defined or regulated within the parameters of gender. Until the age of 10, she identified as a boy and now as an adult defines herself as a woman.

‘Maybe in essence I was a feminist – I could see there was a difference between the way I was treated, and the boys were treated, and I found it unfair. I heard the phrase, boys will be boys, and I thought, why will boys be boys?’ – Christabel MacGreevy.

Highlights include a series of charcoal works, inspired by the ancient talismans and fertility symbols on display at the British Museum. These marked the beginning of her creative process for this exhibition. In these drawings, despite the creation of new life requiring both a man and a woman, the essence of fertility is encapsulated by the image of a woman. The artist’s continues to explore fertility and femininity as one concept.

Image: Installation view courtesy Lamb Arts and the artist