Shakespeare’s Macbeth by director Kit Monkman



Starring Mark Rowley, (The Last Kingdom, Luther) Shakespeare’s Macbeth has been reinvented by director Kit Monkman in a new film that successfully bridges the gap between theatre and film to create a new signature of moving images.

This radical new adaptation puts the audience’s engagement with the story centre-stage, amplifying the theatricality of the masterpiece. Using background matte painting and computer modelling to generate the world in which the action plays out, the green screen allows Monkman to create his vision of a multi-tiered globe in which the characters play out their various fates. The fluidity of the cameras’ movement around this globe aims to give the audience a constant perspective of the action as opposed to individual, isolated scenes.

Professor Peter Holland, Chair of the International Shakespeare Association, says the adaptation is, “Brilliant and exhilarating. Kit Monkman’s Macbeth (is) the most innovative rethinking of what it means to put Shakespeare on film for decades . . . a forceful reimagining of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy.” Accurate yet accessible, this interpretation is for all audiences; from a fresh retelling for avid Shakespeare fans, to a learning tool for any students studying Macbeth.

Macbeth will be available to stream via iTunes, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Sky Store and Vubiquity.