Yves Klein celebrated at Blenheim Palace




Blenheim Art Foundation will open a solo exhibition of over 50 works by the conceptual French artist Yves Klein on 18 July. The exhibition, which is presented in collaboration with the Yves Klein Estate, coincides with what would have been the artist’s ninetieth birthday year. It will run until 7 October 2018.

Daniel Moquay of Yves Klein Archives, said: ‘This exhibition will present Yves Klein’s artworks from a new angle and bring contemporary and neo-classical art into unprecedented dialogue, as a fluid tradition.’

This will be the most comprehensive exhibition of Yves Klein in the UK to date. Highlights will include a Klein’s Monochrome Paintings, the Anthropometry series, as well as Fire Paintings and Klein’s later works in gold.

Image: Yves Klein, courtesy of Blenheim Art Foundation