Fashion Illustration in Britain by Amber Butchart

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Fashion Illustration in Britain, Society & the Seasons examines style and glamour, through illustrations from the British Library’s rich collection of newspapers, magazines and historical publications. This beautiful book explores fashion before photography was made possible.

Drawing on visuals from Le Beau Monde, Eve: The Lady’s Pictorial, The Powder Puff and many other periodicals, fashion historian and author Amber Butchart discusses three centuries of fashion, season by season, exploring the social calendar and contextualising innovations and milestones in British history. Amber specialises in the historical intersections between dress, politics and culture. She is regularly asked to speak at London’s cultural hotspots – from the Tate to the V&A.

These illustrations became an art form in themselves, as key publications – and their taste-making illustrators – defined the looks of each era.  The must-have book surveys key elements of the fashion repertoire including swim-wear, bridal wear and mourning, sports clothing, and even fancy dress in menswear and womenswear. Published by the British Library, it offers a visually stunning record of fashion history in Britain over two centuries.


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