Nathalie Du Pasquier: Other Rooms


From her landscapes of the late 1980s and early 90s, Du Pasquier’s paintings have evolved to still-lifes of carefully arranged objects and more-abstract and imaginary compositions of dissociated surfaces and shapes. As the artist explains, “Through the representation, I learned about looking and transforming what I saw into a painting. The abstract work is a different kind of position. I become a builder, an inventor.”

Other Rooms, staged at the Camden Art Centre and running until 14 January 2018, highlights Du Pasquier’s transformative power, devoid of architectural rules and utilising the tools of the painter – line, colour and form – to immerse the viewer into another environment.

Modular designs and geometric shapes cover the walls, transforming the space into an a vibrant set of positive constructed landscapes. As with Du Pasquier’s early design forms, these vividly-coloured compositions examine the expressive bridges between two- and three-dimensional elements to navigate ways of viewing the world.