Galerie Richard presents David Ryan


David Ryan.jpg


Manicuring the Ephemera, is the fifth solo-exhibition of American artist David Ryan, presented by the NY space of Galerie Richard until 26 November, 2017. His work is part of significant collections around the world including the Palms Springs Art Museum, the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation in Los Angeles, and the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts.

At the crossroads of sculpture and painting, Ryan’s vibrant compositions display arrangements of colours made of monochromatic PVC panels which revisits Abstract Expressionism and draw inspiration from the art of Jackson Pollock. The artist recently began to replace the controlled, slender, and sensuous lines that had until then inspired him with spontaneous, automated lines.

The word ephemera in the exhibition’s title suggests the nature of the ideas expressed in their shape by the trace of a computer mouse. “There should be no visible trace of the artist’s hand on the surface of these works, as it should be ingrained within the design.” Ryan said.

The result of a process of automation, there is a continual cycle that is reflected on each piece.