Ernesto Neto at Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel



O Sagrado é Amor (The Sacred is Love), is a new exhibition of works by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto presented at Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel gallery in São Paulo until 2nd December. Neto’s dramatic works are included in renowned collections around the world including Center Georges Pompidou, Paris, Guggenheim Museum, NY, Tate, London, MoMA, NY and many more.

At the core of the exhibition, the invitation to the audience to slow down and reevaluate moments of calm, activation of senses, and meditative states.

Highlights include Três Broto – Cantos e Uma Dança (Treveste) (Three Bud-Songs and One Dance (Treveste)) an immersive installation which allows three people to connect, by wearing a knitted crochet piece together. Balance is achieved by a coordination of movements which prevents the attached rock from falling to the centre. Trust, dependence and relationship to nature are explored in this spectacular piece which aims at annihilating antagonistic forces, a rule often found in the natural world.

On the second floor of the space, the public is invited to experience the installation titled O Sagrado é Amor and to sit around the central tree sculpture. Red dominates the elements displayed in the room, inspired by Indian philosophy and physical energy. The strong  smell of Indian cloves and bay leaves reminds people of their inherent therapeutic properties.

“In the moment of turbulence we are living, in which cacophony of shallow opinions, verbal violence, and expressions of hate are part of our daily lives, it is necessary to regain introspection to search for more harmonious sociability, including spirituality.” – Ernesto Neto said about his work.

Image: Ernesto Neto, Três Cantos e Uma Dança (Treveste), 2017. Crochê de voile de algodão, esfera de água-marinha e peroba rosa Altura variável x ø 155 cm. Cotton voile crochet, aquamarine gemstone and peroba rosa wood. Variable height x ø 155 cm. Photo: Eduardo Ortega / Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel.