Home is not a Place at the German Embassy, London



Home is not a Place, an exhibition featuring the works of nine artists working between London and Berlin is on view at the German Embassy of London until 30 September. Exploring the meaning and its implications in both English and German of the term Home, the exhibition examines the notions of identity, space, as wells as the sense of belonging. In today’s current climate, the German Ambassador’s Residence, being an island on an island, offers the right exhibition platform to display the artists’ response to these concept.

Curated by Marlene von Carnap and Coraly von Bismarck, artists in the exhibition include Cornelia Baltes, Julius von Bismarck, Simon Fujiwara, Oliver Osborne, Random International, Florian Roithmayr, Daniel Sinsel, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Nicole Wermers.

“The title Home is not a Place was taken from a graffiti that we saw at Oxford Circus a few days after the Brexit vote. It’s a very emotive title but we felt it sums up a current desire for a sense of belonging where inward looking tendencies are on the rise. It also points to the perception of space and borders, identity, traditions, language as well as domesticity, which can be rediscovered in the works on display. We found it interesting to think about the contemporary notion of home and how the environment in which one lives and works deposits itself– or not.” said Coraly von Bismarck, Curator of the Exhibition.