Fendi and Giuseppe Penone



Giuseppe Penone has unveiled the first permanent contemporary public sculpture displayed in Rome. The work, titled Foglie di pietra (2017), was commissioned by Fendi and is on display outside its flagship boutique on Largo Carlo Goldoni, in the historical centre of Rome.

“Trees appear as solid beings, but if we observe them through time, in their growth they become a fluid, malleable matter. A tree is a being that memorizes its own shape and this shape is necessary to its life. Therefore, it is a perfect sculptural structure, because it carries the necessity of existence,” Giuseppe Penone  said.

The unveiling of Foglie di pietra coincides with Fendi’s retrospective of works by the Arte Povera master, which remains on view at the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana until 16 July. “Matrice,” features fifteen different artworks spanning the past five decades of the artist’s remarkable career.