Anselm Kiefer dialogues with Auguste Rodin in Paris


To mark the centenary of the death of Auguste Rodin, the stunning Rodin museum in Paris presents an exhibition of works by Anselm Kiefer in dialogue with the works of the most famous French sculptor. The show is running until 22 October 2017.

Drawing parallels between the two artists – sources of inspiration, accidental practices, and creative processes among other points – the exhibition presents rare moulds by Rodin on view for the first time in conversation with works by Kiefer including painting, installation, drawings and sculptures. They reflect the shared creative concerns of both artists and a similar artistic quest. Drawn by the debris of Rodin’s sculptures, which he combines with relics of his own life and other unusual and mundane materials, Anselm Kiefer produces a series of entirely unprecedented works. The exhumed and broken moulds of Rodin’s works testify to a past life while demonstrating a new life yet to come at the same time.

More than a century ago, Rodin had a particular interest in the architectural elements of cathedrals. Fascinated by monumental dimensions and reflecting on the physicality of the buildings, Kiefer also began work on the concept – both metaphorically and physically – of “cathedrals” as a tribute to Rodin.

Although Kiefer and Rodin play with all media and use every type of technique to understand and absorb the legacies of the past, they also glorify their shared appreciation through a common ambition for truth with no ornament or embellishment.