“Front Room: Adam Pendleton” at the Baltimore Museum of Art


Adam Pendleton is known for his multi-disciplinary practice, which moves fluidly between painting, publishing, photographic collage, video and performance. His work centers on an engagement with language, in both the figurative and literal senses, and the re-contextualization of history through appropriated imagery. Pendleton’s work establishes alternative interpretations of the present and, as the artist has explained, “a future dynamic where new historical narratives and meanings can exist.

Front Room: Adam Pendleton  which opened on March 26 at the Baltimore Museum of Art focuses on Black Dada—the artist’s term for a broad conceptualization of blackness—as the animating force of his oeuvre.

The Contemporary Wing’s Front Room Gallery features paintings, collages, and screenprints displayed against immersive floor to ceiling Wall Works derived from photographic and text-based collages.

Image: Adam Pendleton. A Victim of American Democracy II (wall work), 2015. © Adam Pendleton, courtesy Pace Gallery.