Gucci crashes the internet, again!

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As Milan fashion week opened on Wednesday evening, for Gucci Alessandro Michele did it again and created stunning looks that mixed 70s fashion, aristocracy meets decadence, the Royal Tenebaums, incredible accessories and vibrant colours. Michele’s new muse, Florence from Florence and the Machine was in attendance and read poems by William Blake. Here are some of the best looks.

According to Michele, his “Alchemist’s Garden” show was meant to present a collection which celebrated “a multitude of identities, conciliatory and conflicting”, including “body-spirit, good-evil, inside-outside”. Hence the combination of both male and female models on the runway for the first time in the Italian fashion house’s history.

Michele has found an interesting recipe to boost sales and creativity, however isn’t there a danger that his designs might become a caricature of themselves after so many similar shows? The future will tell us.