Saul Leiter at FOMU, Antwerp



American artist Saul Leiter began snapping 40s New York in colour way before Stephen Shore and William Eggleston. His work is currently displayed at FOMU, an exhibition curated by  Rein Deslé, Roger Szmulewicz, Ingo Taubhorn and Brigitte Woischnik. It is presented in Antwerp until 29 January 2017.

Saul Leiter considered himself to be a painter as well as a photographer and mixed abstraction and flatness. He photographed mundane scenes including the streets of New York, where he lived for over sixty years and casual daily life situations. His work depict windows, passers-by, mirrors and cafes. This exhibition features his rare black-and-white photographs, as well as a selection of  paintings that have never been shown before.

The exhibition is a partnership between Haus der Photographie, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Gallery FIFTY ONE Antwerp, Saul Leiter Foundation, Howard Greenberg Gallery and FOMU Antwerp. Don’t miss it.