Picasso dialogues with Giacometti in Paris




The creative dialogue between Pablo Picasso – born on 25 October 1881 – and Alberto Giacometti is the subject of an exhibition at the Picasso Museum in Paris, running until 5 February 2017. Picasso was born on 25th October 1881.

The show, entitled “Picasso, Giacometti,” features 219 pieces by two of the greatest artists of the twentieth century. The fantastic display reveals the connections between the Spanish and Swiss artists and draws intelligent comparisons between their respective oeuvres.

Drawings, sketches, note books, letters, sculptures and paintings are on view in the recently-renovated Picasso museum, led by the dynamic Laurent Le Bon. Although very different, they were both characterised by a huge burst of creativity and invention. From their first encounter at the beginning of the 1930s to their intense dialogues after World War II, the two artists never ceased to exchange on their creations and their arguments over Realism. The number of formal and thematic similarities draws their works closer to the surrealist period. From the end of the 1930s, the two transformed their practice and shared conceptual ideas.

Next to the emblematic works of each artist like Paul en Arlequin (1924), Femme assise au fauteuil rouge (1932) and La Chèvre (1950) by Picasso or Femme qui marche (1932), Cube (1933-1934) and Homme qui marche (1960) by Giacometti, rare and fragile casts, newly discovered drawings, and a number of archives unveiled for the first time are on display. A catalogue published with Flammarion accompanies the exhibition. It brings together new essays by art historians, the curators of the exhibition as well as an anthology of historic texts dedicated to these two artists.

Catherine Grenier, Director of the Fondation Giacometti and Curator of the exhibition said: “In 1957, Giacometti renewed contact with Stravinsky, who asked him about his friendship with Picasso and their frequent encounters during the 30s and 40s, which took place almost daily in 1940-41. He responded with a single and rather personal comment: “He amazes me as a monster would”.
Images: Pablo Picasso : « Femme lançant une pierre », Paris, 8 mars 1931 – huile sur toile – Musée national Picasso, Paris. ©SUCCESSION PICASSO 2016.

Alberto Giacometti : « Le Chien », 1951 – Alberto Giacometti Stiftung, Zurich