Agnes Martin at the Guggenheim and the COS collection



Agnes Martin is on view at the Guggenheim Museum until January 11, 2017. The exhibition features works that span the artist’s career, from the 1950s to the early 2000s and includes works on paper, paintings, and further material. The exhibition traces the career of one of the most prominent painters of the 20th century, from her early experiments through her final paintings, making it the first comprehensive survey of the artist’s work since her death in 2004.

As Tracey Bashkoff, Senior Curator, Collections and Exhibitions of the Guggenheim notes, Martin’s paintings resonate with Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture: “The focus of Martin’s practice and her commitment to her artistic vision are really things to behold. Seeing so much of her work together, you can really appreciate that, as well as how much variety she was able to produce with such a restrained vocabulary.”

In collaboration with the Guggenheim, COS, the brand defined by its modern and functional design launched a special collection dedicated to Agnes Martin and the exhibition. The COS design team has created a set of textile prints for the 12-piece collection exploring  grid-like patterns, a neutral palette and tactile fabrics. The clothes display subtle, organic irregularity that characterises Agnes Martin’s work.

A portion of the proceeds from COS stores will be donated to the Agnes Martin Foundation.