Claudio Edinger: Machina Mundi – Rio do Céu at Galeria Lume



The perspective from which Claudio Edinger sees Rio de Janeiro makes these familiar landscapes look absolutely beautiful and unique.

For more than fifteen years, Claudio Edinger has been researching about his hometown nurturing his research with an intense photographic approach. In Machina Mundi, an exhibition presented at Galeria Lume in Sao Paulo until 28 August, the artist showcases aerial views that reaffirm beauty as a fundamental trait and provide new dimensions of the city that will host the Olympic Games in the next few days. Following the footpaths of artists who have already paid tribute to the “City of God” such as Drummond, Tom Jobim, Marc Ferrez, Guignard, Debret, Villa Lobos, Pablo Neruda and even Orson Welles, Edinger reiterates the littleness of humanity. He guides us to unexpected views of the city.

“Photography is less a form of mimetic transgression of the visible than a way to transgress the borders of visual, and to find what our eyes do not perceive.” Edinger said about his amazing photographs.



Copyrights Claudio Edinger, MM RJ Plate 4, 2015-16
Copyrights  Claudio Edinger, MM RJ Plate 31, 2015-16
Copyrights Claudio Edinger, MM RJ Plate 29, 2015-16