Lazarus to be staged in London next October



Next October, David Bowie’s musical Lazarus will be staged at the King’s Cross Theatre in London for the first time. It was a sell-out Broadway-inspired show in NY, and it will surely be the same across the Atlantic. Lazarus was also the last song Bowie released before his death. According to his producer Tony Visconti, the stunning lyrics and video of Lazarus were intended to be a self-epitaph, a commentary on Bowie’s own impending death.

Directed by Ivo van Hove – who previously directed A View From the Bridge – and inspired by Bowie’s classic 1977 film ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’, the show will star Michael C Hall, famous for his role in ‘Dexter’, as Thomas Newton, a humanoid alien on a mission to bring back water to his planet and quickly disillusioned by humans. Bowie almost played himself in this cult film and his acting was highly praised.

Lazarus will demonstrate that, contrary to simplistic journalists’ labels, Bowie wasn’t a “chameleon”. Throughout his entire career, he used similar elements of his creative language in different formats. This show bears the same name as his last album, it will feature some of his music, and he played outcast characters on several occasions, in The Hunger or as Elephant Man on Broadway.