Markus Brunetti presents Façades at Les Rencontres d’Arles Photography Festival



In 2005 Markus Brunetti set out on a long journey through Europe that so far has lasted ten years, until the summer of 2015. In the course of this journey his enthusiasm for the façades of sacred buildings has grown. During this journey to the artistic and architectural roots of European culture, he has developed his own method of capturing and reproducing images.

At first glance his photographs seem to resemble New Objectivity style documentary, but upon closer inspection it becomes clear that he is pursuing a complex visual strategy based on central perspective, which begins with an intensive research of the buildings and facades.

The ‘FACADES’ by Markus Brunetti evoke enthusiasm—or a sense of estrangement. The pictures are digitally captured and meticulously worked out in a time-consuming process. They challenge the viewer to take the time to carefully observe them, and not to succumb to the habit of rapid consumption so common to our media-driven, visually addicted society.

Markus Brunetti is a yet unknown name in the international world of art and photography. Born into a family of builders and architects, he developed interest and skills in photography and digital imaging during his formative years in the eighties, thus becoming an early pioneer to this then very new professional field. In 2005 he and his partner in life and work Betty Schöner leave their secure existence and careers and depart on a journey in a self built expedition truck that by Summer 2015 will have lasted ten years without pause. A first solo exhibition in Germany was presented at the MAKK, Cologne in 2014. Markus Brunetti’s main representative is Markus Hartmann, Germany. Further representatives are Yossi Milo Gallery, New York, USA, and Henriette Dedichen, Oslo, Norway.