Ringo Starr’s photographs at the National Portrait Gallery


On 9 September, an exhibition of photographs by Ringo Starr opened at the National Portrait Gallery coinciding with the release of his book published by Genesis.

From behind the drums to behind the lens, Photograph by Ringo Starr (from 9 September 2015) gives an unprecedented insight into the life of one of the world’s greatest musicians.  Rare and unseen photographs taken by Ringo Starr documents his childhood, The Beatles and his travels.

Ringo Starr says: ‘These are shots that noone else could have taken. Together they chart the story of four lads from Liverpool trying to live normal lives amidst the frenzy that surrounded them. I have always loved taking photos. All the Beatles had cameras – I think we bought a whole load on our first tour of Japan – but I’d been snapping away for a while before that. We always had a real photographer around us, like Dezo Hoffman and Bob Freeman who took a lot of photos of The Beatles for our album covers. But I took pictures of them photographing us – and I had a unique perspective of that incredible period of our lives. I hope you’ll enjoy a few unique Beatles memories with me.’


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