Mark Flood presented at Peres Projects



Peres Projects presents Astroturf Yelp Review Says Yes, the gallery’s sixth solo show with Houston-based, American artist Mark Flood. In addition to new works from the text and logo series, this exhibition is centred around a new Aged Paintings series, presented in exhibited in Berlin for the first time.

Mark Flood has been mining the cult of celebrity since the early 1980s, physically and literally distorting publicity images in every imaginable way through collage, reprinting and over-painting celebrity portraits and advertising. More recently, Flood has set his gaze on the logos of corporations, which themselves have become as identifiable as some of the people who promote their products. Again, he distorts the corporate logo as a way of giving us a new picture, undermining the great lengths corporations go to control their image. As with the Corporate Logo Paintings, which feature abstracted and blurred logos printed on canvas, the new series of Aged Paintings appropriates corporate signage in various stages of decay, clustering many together on one canvas to create new contexts and meanings. The Aged Paintings are painted with acrylic and oil on burlap with almost photorealistic precision, and then aged and patinated, appearing almost as artefacts of our times to a future civilisation.

Image: Copyrights Mark Flood, Jade Nude, 2014